Breaking the rules

2017 IFFTI conference Amsterdam

During the 19th edition of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) conference, an answer is sought to the conference theme 'breaking the rules'. The Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) will host the conference on the 28th, 29th and 30th of March 2017. 

During the three-day conference, 250 visitors are coming from 52 associated Fashion Institutes to our capital. The three day program consists of keynote speakers, workshops, paper presentations, excursions and an evening program.

The conference will be attended by: researchers, lecturers, students and fashion industry professionals. Over 150 paper abstracts were submitted prior to the conference. Keep a close watch to our website for more info. Names of keynote speakers and more details will be announced soon.

Central conference theme

‘Breaking the rules’ is the central theme for the 2017 IFFTI conference in Amsterdam.

In a rapidly changing global economy and with accelerated advances in technology there are tensions and dichotomies at the heart of the fashion industry. The development of mobile commerce has created a shifting dynamic which has altered the ways in which people consume and engage fashion. This all enables lower costs and greater flexibility in design, quality, production and speed to consumer. But the ‘old’ paradigms and strategies within the fashion industry are still dominant; more, cheaper, bigger, faster and a constant focus on growth and return on investment. And with large incidents and controversies the fashion industry is faced with all kind of issues and more and more with the basic question; what does fashion signify and contribute to a healthier, better and a prosperous world for everyone.

At the same time those changes are creating new opportunities for a young generation to question the status quo and to challenge the fashion industry to find new solutions, which are special, exclusive and innovative.

There are murmurings and countless articles about the ways in which the fashion industry needs to adapt to operating within this state of constant flux, and that not all want to embrace this call for change, unable or unwilling to stop following the same old rules.

Education can provide a catalyst for change, by interrogating the status quo. We can design the change, create the opportunities, and build a generation of fashion professionals who know how to break the rules and to develop new perspectives on challenging issues. What are the big challenges the fashion industry is facing? Which rules do we have to break to find new answers for these challenges? And in which way can fashion education initiate and lead this process?

Which Fashion Rules need to be broken?

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