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We received over 160 submissions and have been extremely impressed with the high level of creativity, research and ideas.  All abstracts have been assessed by the IFFTI Research Sub Committee.

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IFFTI conference 2017: Breaking The Fashion Rules

In today’s rapidly changing global economy, and with accelerating advances in technology, there are tensions and dichotomies at the heart of the fashion industry. The development of mobile commerce has created a shifting dynamic which has altered the ways in which people consume and engage with fashion. This has enabled lower costs and greater flexibility in design, quality, production and speed to consumer. But the ‘old’ paradigms and strategies within the fashion industry still dominate; more, cheaper, bigger, faster – and a constant focus on growth and return on investment. Large-scale incidents and controversies are presenting the fashion industry with all kind of issues. Increasingly, these boil down to the basic questions: what does fashion signify? And how does fashion contribute to a healthier, better, and more prosperous world for everyone?

Theme: Breaking the rules


1. Fashion activism
(Different perspectives and paradigms on fashion)

  • Historical
  • Cultural
  • Aesthetic
  • Consumer

2. Fashion business models
(Corruptive systems of fashion)

  • Business models
  • Production models
  • Fashion systems

3. Fashion disruptive technology
(Different approaches to the fashion product)

  • Digital and online technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Textile technology

Please find the detailed description at attachments:

Rachel Clay - Fashion & Design 2016
Rachel Clay - Fashion & Design 2016