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Here you can download the full document as Epub or PDF, below you can download documents based on the three subtopics; Fashion Activism, Fashion Business Models
 and Fashion Disruptive Technology.

Sub Topic: Fashion Activism

Fashion activism
: Different perspectives and paradigms on fashion

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Papers & Abstracts Subtopic Fashion Activism

  • The rule that needs to be broken: smart fashion is for gadget junks or special needs by Natalia Berger
  • Abstract: Design practice and craftsmanship: reimagining the craft sector in India by Vandana Bhandari, Professor, Jaspal Kalra, PhD
  • Rewriting History: Contemporary Reworking of Historical 1970’s Fashion Colours by Dr Julie King
  • Exploring Chinese fashion identity: a new perspective by Dr Lily Ye
  • Fashion rule defied: Colourful, contextualized, and visually compelling: Challenging the mundane notion of uniforms. by Ambika Magotra
  • Changing mindset in the handloom weaving cluster in Varanasi: from child labour to child centric by Prof. Kripal Mathur, Savita Sheoran Rana
  • The Delights of Difference by Fiona Minors
  • Abstract: Hack the black box: Consumer agency in the sharing economy by Daphne Mohajer va Pesaran

Sub Topic: Fashion Business Models


Fashion Business Models: Corruptive Systems of fashion

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Papers & Abstracts Subtopic Fashion Business Models

  • Abstract: Breaking the Rules in Pattern Cutting: An Interdisciplinary Approach by Dr. Kevin Almond*, Dr. Jess Power
  • Selling the local in a global market:Marketing artisanal fashion in the new creative economy by Hilde Heim
  • GOING ECO, GOING DUTCH: A local and closed loop textile production system by Theresia Grevinga, Manon Lurvink, Anton Luiken, Ger Brinks
  • All Fashion is Local: Assessing the needs of fashion and textile startups in an era of global fashion dissonance by Kate Annett-Hitchcock, Ph.D.
  • On paradigm shifts and industrial revolutions: tracing prevalent dressmaking practices and apparel production systems in the Netherlands and northwest Europe (1850-2016) by Irene Maldini
  • Abstract: Ahola (Aloha Backwards): Social Practice Fashion Honolulu Style by Henry Navarro Delgado
  • Exploring the Conscious Move of Contemporary Brands towards a Sustainable Future through the use of Craft and Handloom Processes of India. by Ms. Sreenanda Palit
  • Review of Fashion Product Development Models by Rachel Parker-Strak*, Liz Barnes, Rachel Studd, Stephen Doyle
  • Abstract: Balancing the books: Creating a model of responsible fashion business education by Dr Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas*, Dr Ana Roncha, Rosemary Varley
  • Co-creation as a sustainable tool: changing the paradigm of ‘fashion is novelty’ towards ‘fashion is personal’ by Anke van den Ban

Sub Topic: Fashion Disruptive Technology

Fashion Disruptive Technology: Different perspectives and paradigms on fashion

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Papers & Abstracts Subtopic Fashion Business Models

  • Abstract: An object-based research study of archive pieces incorporating digital technology by Susanne Baldwin
  • Abstract: Virtual Reality Technology on Protection and Inheritance for Traditional Tibetan Clothing by Chen Guo, Ma Fenfen, Jiang Yan
  • Consumer Acceptance of Smart Textiles: A Human-Centred Approach to the Design of Temperature- Sensing Socks by Professor Anthony Kent, Dr. Manju Sugathan
  • Defining Fabric Drape by Alexandra A.M. Kuijpers, R. Hugh Gong
  • Protective Clothing - An evolution of aesthetic and comfortable safety wear by Ms. Kundlata Mishra*, Ms. Shweta Rangnekar
  • A Novel Approach to Fit Analysis of Virtual Fashion Clothing by Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem, Anthony Bednall
  • The Sustainable Handloom with Specific Identity “A study on the traditional textiles of India” by Shivanand Sharma
  • Sustainability Communication in Fashion Online Stores and its Impact on Customer Behavior by Jochen Strähle, Franziska Girwert
  • How social media marketing influences fast fashion shopping in the new era of value co-creation: A study of Chinese female fashion shoppers by Xuefeng Huang, Dr Patsy Perry, Dr Liz Barnes